Who is the behind the 101 Victorians project?

The Metro Tunnel Creative Program is producing 101 Victorians. We curate artworks and produce events to enhance Melbourne city life alongside the construction of the Metro Tunnel.

The focus of the program is to encourage community interaction with construction sites and support local businesses at the coalface between site boundaries and where city life begins. The program supports the objectives in the Metro Tunnel Creative Strategy.

We are partnering with PHOTO 2022 to present Jenny Lewis’ project One Hundred Years in Barry Street, Parkville. This project, 101 Victorians, was conceived as a local Victorian complement to One Hundred Years.

Is Jenny Lewis, the original artist behind One Hundred Years, involved with this project?

We are working with Jenny Lewis and the PHOTO 2022 team to ensure the principles Jenny applied to her project are respected. She says:

“I’m delighted to be bringing One Hundred Years to Australia for PHOTO 2022 and to inspire a local response to the series. I’ve always thought the ordinary is pretty extraordinary and I know this applies the world over. You don’t need to look far from your doorstep to find real treasure in people that you may have overlooked, we often forget to take the time to really look, to really listen.

I hope being involved in this local edition of the series will encourage people to really investigate their friends, family, neighbours and community. It will be a rich experience for both the observer and the observed. I have photographed my community in their homes, workspaces, gardens and open spaces and I hope this gives you an insight into the community I live in. The experiences of the subjects is no doubt universal but the locations may be more specific to London. It will be really interesting to see how your local version in Victoria will reflect your unique community. I can’t wait to see the results of this experiment. Enjoy seeking out the stories you’d like to celebrate.”

Who can participate?

The project is open to anyone resident in Victoria. If you are under 18, you will need parental permission to participate.

Why create a local version?

Victoria has an incredibly diverse population. In the 2016 census, Victoria had residents with ancestry from more than 300 backgrounds, and almost half of the community was either born overseas or one (or more) of their parents were. We were inspired by Jenny Lewis’ project to take a look at this extraordinary make-up of our community.

Why can’t I submit a black and white photograph?

In order for the final online gallery to have a consistent look and feel, we are requesting all images be in full colour.

Do I have to submit a quote?

We are requesting a quote as part of all submissions. It need not be very long, just a few words can give great insight into a person’s life and thoughts about where they are in life. We see this as a key component of the project, to stay true to Jenny Lewis’ original project.

We strongly recommend that the quote come from a verbal conversation, rather than written by the subject. It should be a quote that reflects on where they are in life at their age, rather than a biographical description of them. Please see Jenny Lewis’ One Hundred Years for inspiration.

I can’t take the photograph I had planned. What do I do?

Please contact our team via email at creativeprogram@metrotunnelcyp-pco.com.au to discuss options.

Why isn’t the age I want available on the website?

Someone else may have already selected the age you wanted to nominate. Please select another age.

If photos of any ages are not received by the deadline, we will send an email out to all those who have registered interest in the project, to advise that those ages are available. This will likely be in March 2022.

When and where is the online gallery taking place?

The online gallery will be published on 29 April 2022 to coincide with the Photo 2022 presentation of Jenny Lewis’  One Hundred Years. You will be able to access the link to the gallery from this website. All participants will also receive an email with these details.