101 Victorians: Terms and Conditions

Cross Yarra Partnership (ABN 57 956 065 885) on behalf of the Metro Tunnel Creative Program is inviting members of the Victorian community to voluntarily contribute portrait photographs to create 101 Victorians, a series of photographs showing one photographer of a person at every age up to 100, based on the One Hundred Years project by British artist Jenny Lewis. The resulting exhibition will be shown online, at the same time as Jenny Lewis’ work is exhibited on Barry Street, Parkville as part of PHOTO 2022.
A. Deliverables

You agree to deliver by 14th February 2022, the following items as your contribution to the Metro Tunnel Creative Program to be considered for inclusion in ‘101 Victorians,’ for use by the Metro Tunnel Creative Program in accordance with the terms set out in this letter (101 Victorians: Terms and Conditions):

A.1 One portrait (ie vertical) image of a person of the age allocated (the Subject), supplied as a full colour file Jpeg 1242 pixels by 2208 pixels (9:16) with maximum file size of 10 MB via the online submission form
A.2 A quote from the Subject (or their guardian/ carer) of between 5 and 200 words, supplied via the online submission form
A.3 The consent form supplied, signed by the Subject (or their guardian/carer), supplied as a digital PDF or Jpeg file
A.4  If the photographer is aged 17 or under, the parental participation consent form supplied, signed by the photographer and their parent/ guardian, supplied as a digital PDF or Jpeg file.

B. Terms

1.1 You warrant that the materials provided pursuant to paragraph A:
a are your original work;
b do not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe the copyright or moral rights of any third party;
c are your unique work developed exclusively for use by us under the 101 Victorians: Terms and Conditions; and
d that the quote referred to under paragraph A.2 is a true quote of the Subject.
1.2 We agree that you own the copyright in the Digital Image and all other materials created by you under, or in relation to, these terms and conditions.
1.3 You grant us a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide licence of the copyright in the Digital Image for the exclusive purpose of making and using images, sound recordings and videos for non-commercial purposes including but not limited to:
a the maintenance, promotion and marketing of ‘101 Victorians;’ and
b promoting and marketing our business and the Metro Tunnel Project generally including in financial and annual reports, multimedia presentations, website, and advertising materials; and
c potential inclusion in publications, website, social media, exhibitions and other materials related to promotion of the Metro Tunnel Creative Program and other related events including PHOTO 2022; and
d archival purposes,
and we agree not to reproduce or use images or videos of the Digital Image except for the above purposes.
1.4 We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that you are attributed in any publication or communication of images, video or sound recordings of the Digital Image by us, including in social media content. We have no obligation to use the Digital Image or other materials.
1.5 You agree to seek written approval from Cross Yarra Partnership prior to posting on any website, publication, social media or any external communications channel any content relating to 101 Victorians, or the Metro Tunnel Creative Program.
1.6 You may not use the Digital Image or other materials, or any part thereof, in any way, from the date of submission to us until 30 April 2022, without our prior written approval, which may include conditions.
1.7 Entry is voluntary and only open to Victorian residents.
1.8 You indemnify us against all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal expenses as between solicitor and client) arising out of or in relation to any breach of your above warranties and terms.

C. Timing of deliverables

The items listed above must be delivered by 5pm, 14th February 2022, or earlier if possible. Please note that if you do not submit your materials on time, you will forfeit your participation in the project.


D. Format of submission

The photo must meet the specifications listed above. If your image is the incorrect dimensions, our designer will crop it (as respectfully as possible) to ensure it does.

Our editor may edit the quote as necessary.